Tall Horse Pinotage Rose - Olivin

Tall Horse Pinotage Rose

Vegan/Vegetarian: Vegan

Size: 75cl

Origin: South Africa

ABV%: 12.50%

Seal: Screw Cap

Tasting Notes:
An attractive deep pink shimmering wine with playful ripe red berry aromas with hints of spice and a soft and juicy fruit palate with a lively fresh finish.

The hunt for perfect Pinotage grapes ranges from warmer Southern slopes, that bask in long hours of sunshine to cooler pockets of vines swept by African Ocean breezes. This ensures ultimate expression of varietal and land typical of Tall Horse. Our unique Cape climate allows the vines to drink in the winter rainfall and ripen slowly in the warm summer season before harvesting in February at an optimal average ripeness of 24˚C.

Grapes are fermented on the skins for 8 hours to capture the delicate sunset colour and generous crushed red berry flavours. The journey continues when the wine is drawn off the skins and fermented under cool cellar conditions until a mere dash of residual sugar remains.

For your drinking pleasure:
A wine best enjoyed in the freshness of youth or for up to 2 years. Enjoy served well chilled all on its own or at picnics, parties, and in the company of good friends.



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