Luxury European Cheese, Meat & Wine Hamper - Olivin

Luxury European Cheese, Meat & Wine Hamper

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of selection of French cheeses and Italian meats paired with a delicious wine in our luxury Olivin hamper. Immerse your senses in the rich heritage of fine, artisanal cheeses that promise to elevate your culinary experience paired with Italian cured meats. Includes a bottle of Ribshack Red.

Hamper includes: 

Epoisses Gaugry 250g

Burgundy’s most famous cheese, Époisses is washed in ‘marc’ brandy, made with grape skins from the nearby vineyards, to achieve a sticky, apricot rind, which has a powerful bouquet and a traditionally meaty, spicy flavour.

Soignon Goats Cheese 125g

This ancient cheese is a French larder staple. A traditional lactic, soft-ripened goat cheese made with goat’s milk. The classic bloomy white rind is created by the Penicillin Candidum fungus that grows on the cheese and gives a caramel sweetness to the pate with age. The rind gets its distinctive appearance from the cheese being wrapped in ‘straw’ binding. A crowd pleaser and a pretty addition to any cheeseboard – but equally perfect for slicing and grilling.

Pont L Eveque 220g

Named after the town where it was created this soft, white-rinded cheese is made with cows’ milk collected from producers in the Bocage Ornais area of Normandy. It has sweet, mushroom flavour with an earthy finish, which sharpens with age.

Roquefort 100g

A strong blue cheese characterised by a white interior and intense green blue veins that run throughout. This Roquefort has a wonderful balance between salt, spice, and cream, plus notes of fresh pear.

Peters Yard Flatbreads 115g

These sourdough flatbreads are made in small batches with our signature sourdough starter, which slowly ferments for 16 hours. They’re crafted from Shipton Mill flour and British rapeseed oil, then seasoned with hand-harvested Halen Môn Sea salt.

Millars Three-Seed Crackers 125g

A trio of natural ingredients: fruits, nuts, or seeds, baked into a delicious square cracker.
The range for those looking to experience the best of nature’s bounty. Made with stoneground wholemeal flour, linseeds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

Rib Shack Red 750ml
Wine of South Africa Vintage blend Wood matured Extra smooth Grillers Association certified member. This is a full, round red with a lot of structure, though very friendly on the palate. Aromas of delicate chocolate and smoke combine very well with the dark berry flavours of the wine. The palate is full with soft, sweeter tannins.

Net Content  – 750ml       ABV (%) 14.0     Alcohol Units  10.5




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